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After the briefing meeting, we had a lot of questions and a lot of concerns. While the ask was simple, we knew something wasn't quite right with the brief. Who is Flip'd by IHOP? Where do they stand among breakfast superstars? And how can Flip'd build an authentic relationship that resonates with faster, freer audiences like Millennials and Gen Z? 
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To better understand the "breakfast baggage" IHOP carries, we decided to do some research and try out an IHOP ourselves. We also asked consumers about their day-to-day life, thoughts on fast, fresh food and what kind of personality their favorite brand has. With the help of interviews, observation and card-sorting, we found that some of the best brands serve younger generations when they exist in a way that's bold, authentic and relatable. And as Gen Zs, this meant asking ourselves the question: Who is Flip'd to us?
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After flipping the brief, we started thinking about all of the different ways we'd like to see Flip'd interact with us and where we'd like those interactions to live. Was Flip'd more of a college friend encouraging us to say goodbye to our dorm room microwaves? Or was Flip'd more like a younger brother, who embraced chaos and found fun in the messiness of life?
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Flip'd_concept deck.png
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After landing on the concept "Flip, IHOP's younger brother," we created a persona card for Flip, giving us guidelines for how he might live in the real world. We sketched Flip to bring his character to life and also concepted his first prank, serving as the launch of Flip'd's new persona. Following the executional ask of the brief, we then created a foundation for how Flip would gain attraction, encourage fun and promote Flip'd.
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After the final edits, we began storyboarding the narrative we wanted to sell our client. In knowing we were straying from the original brief, we knew even more just how tight our presentation and solve had to be. Fortunately, we had ample time to practice, nailed the performance and won the #BCSprint competition. Some of the client feedback we received included: What you did in 4 days is fantastic!; You provided a refreshing perspective and opened our eyes - you made us think differently about how we position and brand Flip'd.; You had so many great creative ideas driven by powerful insights.
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